The village Breitenstein located in the municipality in the Mansfeld-Südharz Südharz on the old street and protecting resin is one of the oldest settlements Harz. The community Südharz formed in 2010 from the towns Breitenstein, Bennungen, Breitungen, Dieter village Drebsdorf, Hainrode, Hayn (resin), Kleinleinungen, Questenberg, Roßla, Rottleberode Schwenda and Uftrungen, it was the existing administrative community Roßla-Südharz with trapped. The site with the victim and the lime stone is located in the crest to 487 m above sea level. Sea level, making it the highest town of the district of Mansfeld-Südharz and live in it today, about 520 residents.

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The resin Schützenstraße was for centuries the border between Thuringia and Saxony, and leads north to Frederick level, where it meets the federal highway 242 in the Selke. To the south is around 7 km the historical city of Stolberg.

Since 1259 the site Breitenstein a church is documentary evidence. The chronicle is the first time in 1264, the landmark of the place, "Breitenstein" mentioned in addition to the linden tree. 1327 acquired by the Counts of Stolberg Henry Castle and the village Breitenstein by Prince von Anhalt. Breitenstein said to have had a miraculous image of Mary from 1469-1741 and became a Christian pilgrimage site, unfortunately this is no longer available. However, there is still the so-called celebration evening bell, a bell from the 1362 Marie, she is one of the oldest and best preserved in resin bells.

Count Botho of Stolberg in 1509 bought the freehold and the sheep of Hasenkul to Kurt Breitenstein. As the plague raged in 1625, many local residents were killed and the pastor. Unfortunately, many old records were destroyed by the ravages of the 30-year war. The present church of St. Margaret, built in the period from 1714 to 1722. 1754, the country's sovereignty over Breitenstein of Saxony Stolberg - ceded Roßla and remained a fief until 1809.Worth seeing is the memorial at the edge of the forest in 1950 for five inmates of the concentration camp Dora central tract, including a shot of a forester unnamed Polish inmate.

The Church of St. Margaret was in the period after the commitment of the width Steiner citizens rebuilt, before turning it fell into ruin. From 1995 to 1998 the church was rebuilt and renovated, built the new tower with belfry and in 1998 took place the consecration of bells two bells neugegossenen "peace" and "freedom" and the dedication of the church. Also, the vestry has been rebuilt, which is now used as community space. The organ built in 1865 by organ builder Julius Strobel from Bad Frankenhausen had been moved into the 60s because of the dilapidated state of the church. In 2000, she was able to return after an extensive restoration by the organ builder Hüfken of Halberstadt in the Margaret's Church. Today it is heard at services and concerts.

Harzaussicht-Josephskreuz auf dem Auerberg Harzaussicht-Josephskreuz auf dem Auerberg Harzaussicht-Josephskreuz auf dem Auerberg

Breitenstein is ideal for hikers, bikers and runners with about 600 ha field, forest and meadow ground with few hills. Unto the place rich approach the dense spruce and beech forests and guarantee clean air and a diverse flora and fauna. Here you can find peace and draw from the rest of the treasure of nature, away from mass tourism.

The site offers not only nature, here you will find a sauna, solarium, two well-maintained tennis courts, a paved area for roller skating, skating, football and basketball, a jogging trail, three DAV-fishing ponds and attractive, well-marked hiking trails . With three restaurants and two shops (food and more), the supply is assured. In winter you can go on well-marked cross-country trails or whizzing down the toboggan hill. Here can be found in recognized ozone-containing air active relaxation and recreation for every age group.

A special event will be exploring the surroundings of Breitenstein. You can visit the city of Stolberg with lock, Coin Museum and historic Old Town. The Joseph Cross on the Auerberg climb and enjoy the wonderful view. Europe can be in the Rose Garden Sangerhausen the scent and the colors seduce the countless flowers, visit the quaint mousetrap museum in Güntersberge or pit mining museum in Glasebach Strassberg.

Lamawanderung in Breitenstein im Harz - Fotos: Familie Kolbe Breitenstein Lamawanderung in Breitenstein im Harz - Fotos: Familie Kolbe Breitenstein Lamawanderung in Breitenstein im Harz - Fotos: Familie Kolbe Breitenstein

An interesting attraction is the hiking with llamas. The different routes depending on group size, age and physical capacity of the participants. There are circular walks, multi-day tours offered, depending on the season, picnic, barbeque and mulled wine tours.

Something special is the aligned Walpurgisnacht celebrations in Breitenstein, the biggest club in town, the Walpurgis Association prepares an annual celebration with lots of love and commitment 30 Before april. (Translated with google)

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Lamawanderung in Breitenstein im Harz - Fotos: Familie Kolbe Breitenstein
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